Protect Your Home & Family
From Power Outages
Protect Your Home & Family From Power Outages
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Protect Your Home & Family From Power Outages
Let’s connect! Chat with our team about your project
Thank you for connecting with us!
One of our advisors will be
getting in touch with you shortly
Quality Installation The Treeium Way!
Are you a homeowner and tired of paying hundreds of dollars to your local utility company each month? Do you want energy independence and the ability to generate, store, and use your own electricity? A home battery, combined with the power of solar energy provides homeowners with the energy independence they deserve.
Certified Installer
Tesla Powerwall
Powerwall is an intelligent system that can be customized to your energy needs, with the ability to charge from solar so energy is always available on demand. Each Powerwall installation includes a complete energy monitoring solution for your home. You can see how your home both produces and uses energy at any given time.
Storz Power
Storz Power has a few things that make it different from the others. Intelligence, safety, efficiency, sustainability, energy independence, and flexibility are important to deliver to our customers. American made and military and it has 5-6 times higher electricity output compared to any other battery backup systems today.
LG Chem
LG Chem’s Residential Energy Storage Unit (RESU) batteries are part of the new generation of solar batteries that provide energy storage and backup power for homes. They are designed to pair with a home solar system and connect directly to a storage-ready solar inverter for charging and discharging. Our review of the LG Battery found that its price and performance make it an accessible and powerful home energy solution.
What is a Home Battery?
A home battery is in-home energy storage that is charged via renewable energy sources like solar, and can save homeowners thousands of dollars a year in monthly utility bills.

Storing free energy from the sun or other renewable energy sources provides homeowners with the energy independence to use their electricity at their convenience.

While a home battery is considered a financial investment, homeowners will experience long-term financial gains through this renewable power source. Additionally, the home battery is a convenient way to reduce your carbon footprint and consider the environment when using electricity.

Click here to learn more about home batteries.
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Tax Credits
Is home energy storage solution eligible for the federal investment tax credit?

Yes! Energy storage solutions are eligible for 26% solar tax credit (formerly the solar investment tax credit). The tax credit was established in an effort to increase the renewable energy market in the United States, from San Diego to San Francisco.

To learn more about the federal investment tax credit, click here.
Customer Reviews
Mike T.
Los Angeles, CA
We found Treeium Energy to truly be a company that is on our side. Not only do they provide great product, service and support but they are proactive on rebates and tax credits as well as financing making the process easy, reliable and trusted. From our solar panels to our solar hot water heater and tesla batteries, could not be happier.
Carol M.
Calabasas, CA
I wish I can give 10 stars! I've been in my home for about 4 years now and have always contemplated solar. After hearing about the tax credit going down, I got to researching. I found Treeium online, reached out, and they were the first company to come out. Our consultant was very professional, informative and made an honest recommendation based on my needs. I also got two more quotes, but none were as comprehensive or as high quality in terms of the setup. The choice was clear. The process went smoothly, and we were done rather quickly. Thank you so much Treeium!
Scott M.
Glendale, CA
Treeium saved us a ton of money with this solar install. My bill was reduced by 85% as promised. The sales and service staff was always responsive and friendly and it felt like we were supporting a company with good values.The only downsides were that the install took longer than expected and the crew had to come back out to do cleanup on their job. That said, the pricing was very reasonable and we are happy with the end result! Thank you Treeium!
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Whole Home Energy Solution | Project Details
Northridge, CA
Solar Panel and Tesla Powerwall Installed by Treeium Energy
La Canada Flintridge, CA
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