Driveway Pavers: Boost Your Curb Appeal

Posted November 06, 2019 by Giuliano Franchi

Driveway pavers do more than increase property value; they provide the exterior of your home with an upscale and luxurious aesthetic that is durable and will last for years to come.

Unlike concrete, driveway pavers have unlimited paving stone design options, does not crack, and requires limited maintenance. The limited maintenance that may be required over time is easy and non-invasive.

Pavers are an especially great choice for homeowners looking to get creative. Paver patterns offer unlimited design options that let you create a driveway that is uniquely your own.

While interlocking concrete pavers are generally installed with relative ease, it is recommended that homeowners use ICPI certified installers and pavers contractors for their project.

Visit for a list of certified installers in your area. These men and women have been specially trained in interlocking concrete pavers installation and have extensive knowledge of all guidelines.

During installation, your ICPI certified installer uses a combination of joint sand, Polymeric sand, and other materials the allow the pavers to bind. Pavers must meet a minimum average compressive strength of 8,000 psi (pounds per square inch), per industry standards and specifications.

Most driveway pavers are installed with geo fabric to prevent rutting, which happens when a vehicle drives over the same spot, putting pressure on one specific area. Rutting re-enforces the interlocking pavers system to avoid sinking or grooves in the driveway.

In addition, geo fabric is laid on top of the compacted soil in the excavated area to keep the aggregate base material from working its way into the soil subgrade. This is to ensure your pavers system is secure and help prevent movement.

For more information on driveway pavers visit

Posted November 06, 2019
by Giuliano Franchi.


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