Posted June 19, 2019 by Giuliano Franchi

Tesla Powerwall Home Battery

The Tesla Powerwall Home Battery is a solar power storage solution that collects energy from your local utility company when rates are at their lowest. This battery essentially serves as a backup power system, storing energy to protect your home from power outages and blackouts. The Tesla Powerwall offers over seven days worth of backup electricity and is 100% self-powered.

For homeowners living in locations that are at risk for serious weather, the Tesla Powerwall is especially important to consider. Here in California, the threat of wildfire or earthquakes is nearly constant. What this battery does is offer peace of mind when power lines are down to you and your family, offering you the continued ability to cook, charge your electronic devices and keep your home worth when it matters the most.

The amount of Tesla Powerwall Home Batteries you need is entirely dependent on the size of your home. For smaller residential properties one Powerwall is sufficient, but for larger homes two Powerwall’s are recommended.

When deciding how many home batteries are right for you, also consider your daily energy usage. If you’re unsure if the Powerwall is right for you, consider the following questions:

  1. How often do you use an HVAC system?
  2. Do you have a pool and/or jacuzzi?
  3. Are you dependent on lights and the use of common electronic devices (laptop, phone, tablet)?
  4. Do you have a medical need for constant access to electricity?
  5. Is my job dependent on energy use in the home?

Essentially, all of us could use a Tesla Powerwall Home Battery. Each Powerwall with hardware and installation costs approximately $10,000, but this one time cost could potentially protect your family or even your job in the future. Additionally, the Tesla Powerwall uses solar energy, helping the environment and reducing your carbon footprint along the way.

While the initial cost of the Powerwall may be appalling to some, it's important to remember the long-term costs associated with utility companies that use net metering, often disguised as a cheap and eco-friendly option.


The Tesla Powerwall Home Battery offers many perks where net metering simply cannot complete. When decided whether this battery is right for you, consider the rate increases often associated with net metering, as well as incentives in States like California for homes which use the Tesla Powerwall and other forms of renewable energy.

For more information on the Tesla Powerwall Home Battery, visit We recommend scheduling an energy audit to best determine your energy usage and if the Tesla Powerwall Home Battery is right for your home.

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