Questions to ask when purchasing a new Air Conditioning Unit

Posted May 04, 2021 by Treeium Inc.

Are you a resident of Southern California and on a quest for a new air conditioning unit?

Investing in a new air conditioner isn’t as simple a task as it may sound. With so many HVAC options available today, it’s no wonder that homeowners in California are struggling to find new ways to beat the heat.

Do you see a big spike in your summer Electric and Winter gas bills ?

Air conditioner installation isn’t only about keeping the home cool during the scorching summer heat. Homeowners today want home cooling that improves indoor air quality, is powered using solar energy, reduces their carbon footprint, and doesn’t lead to a drastic increase in monthly energy costs.

New Hvac system and an updated duct system today can pay for itself while saving homeowners up to 40% on their energy bills and if taken into account with a proper sized Solar system and batteries you can enjoy 0 Lahr consumption and no electrical bills.

Questions to ask when buying a new Air Conditioning Unit

Homeowners from Los Angeles to Laguna Beach, Ojai to San Bernardino should all be asking themselves a series of questions before committing to a specific heating and air conditioning unit:

What size AC unit should I have? It depends on the size of your home. The larger your home, the most significant an AC unit you will require. How efficient is a new AC unit? By investing in a high-quality AC unit from the start, homeowners will find their system will last longer and have greater effectiveness over time. **as higher as the condenser Seer rating and Furnace Afue rating as more efficient the Unit is also some units comes with 2 speed Ech motors does are some of the best units in our market

What is the latest/best technology? Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency! An AC unit that effectively cools your home without driving up costs. How long will installing an AC unit take? The time it takes to install a new AC unit depends on the size of the system. The larger the system, the longer installation may take, sometimes up to several days. it’s also very important to include new duct system when doing a new unit as the delivery system sometime more important the the units themselves Who will perform air conditioner installation? Treeium works with a dedicated, professional, and certified HVAC installation team that will ensure AC unit installation is safe and secure.up to Code , up to manufacture godliness will also will hire a 3rd party HARS test and pull Building permit and inspection Should I pay more for better air quality? In short, yes! Better air quality leads to better health for you and your family! Learn more about indoor air quality here. if you have high utility bills then yes of you don’t use the have much you may not need to replace it How much does an AC and AC installation cost? The cost of air conditioner installation depends on the specific system you purchase, as well as home cooling and heating requirements and whether or not you choose a unit powered by solar. Treeium helped many customers that are having $160 or higher to update their home with no $ done and positive cash flow from day one year! Yes we only use a portion of your utility saving to pay for you new improvements ( more q) do I need to change my thermostat Is there are any local Rebate for changing my Hvac

**In treeium we follow a unique approach of reduction before producing!

If you have a 7 years or older Hvac unit

If you see high summer Electric bills and high winter gas bills

If you don’t have the right Air flow in your home

If you thinking to go solar

Call treeium today for tour free Energy audit and learn more how Treeium … (add what you think to finish )

As with any home remodeling project, investing in a new AC unit and air conditioner installation is an important purchase. Homeowners must make sure they are investing in an efficient system that can meet specific cooling requirements unique to your home.

Posted May 04, 2021
by Treeium Inc..


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