5 Room Addition Tips You Should Consider

Posted April 28, 2020 by Gabriel Posternak

No matter how big your house is, adding a new room is always something to look for. A new addition can provide with much needed storage space, give the possibility to relocate furniture and even create a whole new space for something you've ever wanted - from a playroom to your own private gym. Of course, you need to be in the right time to make such a major home improvement. But that's not all you need. there are other things to consider before adding extra space, things you should think about before even calling the contractors. Here are some of them.

Go Green

Whether or not the rest of your home is eco-friendly, you may want to consider going green for this room addition project. Don’t let the fact that not every room in your home is one hundred percent eco-friendly and energy efficient stop you. Energy efficiency is a work in progress and what better way to start it other than your needed room addition?

If you are considering going green, think of contacting a contractor and/or construction company that is involved in the green industry. More and more contractors are specializing in this field lately, which is great, since you'll have many more alternatives to choose from. Think green first!

Bring in the Green

If you are adding a family room or den you should definitely consider going green in the most literal way possible - with plants! Try to adjust the new space to accomodate plants that work toward cleaning the air for you, your family and your pets, as well. Use plants to help filter the chemicals you may have used in building the new room or the cleaning products you have not changed over to green cleaning products yet. Consider installing a green wall in your new room filled with foliage you can enjoy. Of course, learn which plants are better for indoor living, especially in your area and with your lighting preferences.

Use Green Materials

Contractors aren't the only thing going green these days. Construction materials are also incresingly eco-friendly, be it because of their production or its origin. Thus, there are some questions you have to ask yourself. Have you considered cork for your floors and/or walls? What about using bamboo for flooring? With a new room addition, you have the opportunity to create a brand new space using anything that you want anyway that you want it. Why not take this opportunity to go green? You can even discuss using repurposed materials with your contractor! Oh, and don't worry - these materials look great and are highly customizable!

Take Responsibility for Lighting

Now is an excellent time to take responsibility for the lighting in your new room addition. Make certain to include skylights by design to make the best use of natural light. Also, you shouldn’t forget to use LED bulbs instead of traditional bulbs in your new creation. Besides, consult with an expert in the green industry about getting doors and windows that aren't just big enough to let the light in but also about its best positioning. Finally, remember to buy openings that are eco-friendly in their manufacturing materials and their design.

Don’t Forget about Plumbing

If you are adding another bathroom, what a perfect opportunity to use low flow toilet and shower heads and water saving faucets, as well. A new bathroom is the perfect opportunity to go green, since common bathrooms are one of the biggest issues when it comes to efficiency. In fact, you shouldn't just pick the right toilet and shower - you also have to think about the proper windows, lighting and - if you're feeling bold - plants that can enliven the bathroom! Finally, there's an often overlooked bonus you can add to your bathroom: greaywater drains to reuse it in your garden. If you check all that, you'll have the greenest bathroom of them all!

As you can see, there are lots of things you can do with your new addition, besides picking a nice color and its furniture. A new room gives you the chance to start caring for the environment in a concrete way, the possibility to embrace a change for better. Are you going to take it?

Posted April 28, 2020
by Gabriel Posternak.


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