How to choose the right solar company

Posted December 01, 2020 by Treeium Inc.

Homeowners in Southern California are already aware of the challenge that comes with choosing the right solar company. With so many options to choose from, it’s no wonder this process can feel overwhelming and even draining at times. The right solar company in Southern California will have positive reviews, an expert solar panel installer, and a proven track record that sets them apart from the competition.

What is Solar Energy?

Solar energy is no longer a futuristic option for the rich and famous. The solar revolution is officially here and available to everyone. Best of all, the initial investment of sustainable energy/alternative energy has environmental and financial payoffs!

Millions of people are already using solar energy, and by generating their own power, homeowners are experiencing drastically lower monthly energy bills, have increased the value of their home, and embraced a clean energy alternative that’s creating a healthier home for their family, and a healthier planet for us all.

How to Choose the Right Solar Company for Your Project

1. Do Your Research

To properly evaluate a solar company and/or solar panel installer, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are solar company reviews mostly positive or negative? Solar reviews can be a great way to gauge customer experience.
  • Is the solar company local or part of a larger corporation?
  • Do the costs seem unreasonably high or low?
  • Can you verify their experience?
  • Is the company transparent regarding licensing and certifications?
  • What is the communication style of the solar panel company? Are they communicative and easy to reach, or difficult to get a hold of?

These are some of the most important questions homeowners need to ask to properly evaluate a solar company. Getting answers to these initial questions helps to set apart the best from the worst, allowing homeowners to make informed decisions regarding affordable home heating and home energy.

2. Request Multiple Quotes

Rule number one when choosing a solar company - don’t choose the first one you find, and don’t choose a solar company without requesting multiple quotes from other local companies.

Sometimes, costs can be misleading and do not necessarily mean the quality of work will be up-to-par. If the price of sustainable energy seems a bit too affordable, it may be best to consider other options. Additionally, if the solar company is acting aggressively and not listening to your needs, this may be more about the sale than the quality of work.

After requesting quotes, compare pricing, and have honest conversations with a representative from each company. Due diligence and take the time to understand the costs and the quality of work you will receive.

3. Check for Proper Licensing/Verify Experience

Alternative and sustainable energy is a new but rapidly developing industry. For this reason, choosing a solar company with extensive experience may be a challenge. Instead, request information regarding licensing and certification to ensure each solar company you reach out to has the proper credentials to lead your affordable home heating project.

4. Quality Above All Else

Building a solar addition requires your chosen solar company to have tenacious attention to detail and quality. Cutting your costs and choosing the most affordable solar company may seem like a good idea, but could have an impact on overall quality. To ensure your solar company provides the best quality, ask questions about their process, products, and why their solar company is better than all the rest.

Posted December 01, 2020
by Treeium Inc..


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