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Posted May 07, 2018 by Treeium Inc.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, where meals get prepared, homework gets completed, and family and friends gather to create memories. So it isn’t a surprise that a kitchen remodel is the number one renovation project that can assist in increasing the value of your home. A kitchen remodel isn’t just a chance to make your space more trendy or functional, it can also be a chance to make it more environmentally friendly. Creating an environmentally friendly kitchen can also help cut your energy and water costs while creating a healthier space for you and your family. If considering a kitchen remodel know that projects can range from minor updates and renovations like cabinet refacing or countertop replacements, to reconfigurations in order to make the space more comfortable and efficient all the way to major remodeling and expansions in order to create a completely new kitchen.

Make a splash with some glass!

There is something truly special about a glass backsplash: Glass tile makes the space feel larger by bouncing light throughout the room. It also creates a beautiful visual effect that you can play with by strategic positioning. It’s clean, hygienic, easy to clean up and its green; glass is 100 percent natural, and many tile varieties are made from recycled glass which further enhances their environmental friendliness. Glass tile can be used to create various patterns which allows your creativity to run wild as you mix and match tiles to create the perfect pattern for your home’s decor. More importantly it’s durable; glass tile will last and last without the need for heavy maintenance or upkeep. If you keep it clean and maintain the grout, the backsplash will last as long as your own home.

Shine Brightly!

Install energy efficient lighting – If your kitchen hasn’t been remodeled in years, chances are there are more energy efficient options you could be using to light your kitchen. These greener options will give you the same fantastic lighting at a lesser cost to the environment. Switching to LED light bulbs is one of the simplest ways to save on both your energy bill and the need to constantly buy replacement bulbs. On average an LED bulb consumes 80 percent less energy than its outdated predecessor, and it lasts 25 times longer — that’s a rated life of about 25,000 hours. And because LEDs operate at a lower wattage, without sacrificing light quality, a single bulb alone can help knock hundreds of dollars of your energy bill. LEDs are quickly growing in popularity, and there are plenty out there to choose from so get yours today.

Upgrade your cabinets to help net some green this spring. If it’s been a while since your cabinets have been upgraded know that doing so will improve a home’s indoor air quality and reduce the toxins in which you and your family are exposed to. Cabinets, and particularly their interior boxes, are commonly constructed of particleboard, fiberboard or plywood — all of which are often made with added urea formaldehyde binders or glues, which release fumes and toxins into the air. From no to low VOC (Volatile organic compounds) finished cabinets Treeium can help you find the durable, sustainable and reliable choice of cabinets to best suite your kitchen remodel needs.

Posted May 07, 2018
by Treeium Inc..


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