The Earth is what we all have in common

Posted August 29, 2018 by Giuliano Franchi

Modern day coverage of climate change in the news pays relatively little to no attention towards one of the most impactful aspects effecting people: mental health. Rising seawaters, increasingly strong storms, and more ferocious droughts that cause uncontrollable wild fires are not only devastating to the physical infrastructures that surround us but can also affect us in ways that are beyond what the eye can see. As a result of climate change and the reality of the aftermath that is left behind, people are losing their homes, their place of employment, the parts of their communities that give them a sense of identity and sadly even members of their family. Researchers have discovered that climate change can not only be a root-cause of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) due the trauma of displacement from extreme weather events (such as the recent California Wildfires) but can also trigger “pre-traumatic” stress disorder with moderate to extreme anxiety coming about due to a looming crisis.

The negative mental health development from disasters are not only attributable to being exposed to the initial event but find that many people that experience disasters may struggle with displacement (both temporary and long-term).The unstable or unknown housing circumstances, difficulty finding temporary shelter, lack of access to support services, and loss of employment and possessions are some of the catalysis that are often felt by those effected after a major event occurs. These are some of the sad truths that as a planet we are faced with and often times we do not acknowledge climate change as a problem but rather treat it like a problem waiting to happen.

Understanding that it is an issued that is needed to be dealt with now, Treeium, in order combat climate change, is committed to providing sustainable, recycled, eco-friendly products that are not only top of the line in terms of quality but cost efficient and most importantly environmentally friendly. As a certified Build it Green Professional, Treeium Inc. operates in a manner that provides deep reductions in carbon emissions by connecting more homes to clean power and advanced energy technologies. Treeium works to help people thrive in homes that enhances well-being, protects the environment and ensures a stable and prosperous future for our children. Being mindful of our planet and its future does not stop once the remodel is complete, in fact that’s when Treeium puts in the work they feel is most important. Working alongside the non-profit organization TreePeople (to ensure that it is done in the most eco-friendly and efficient manner), upon completion of every project Treeium plants a tree. “Our goal at Treeium will forever be about not just making your home a better place, but to do it in a way that makes the whole world a better place.” CEO Moty Ginsburg was quoted saying when asked about Treeium’s commitment to greener solutions. For additional information on Treeium’s Plant a Tree initiative or for a consultation on your next eco-friendly home remodeling project.

Posted August 29, 2018
by Giuliano Franchi.


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